If I were King I would need these questions answered.

Why did the CIA order Michael Springman to issue visas to the 9-11 Hijackers?

How does two planes take down 3 buildings?

How does?four dollar a hit heroine make it?to the United States?from our colony in Afghanistan?

How does ISIS capture the most sophisticated land weapon we ever created?

Why did we pay reparations to Ford and GM for bombing their factories in Germany during WWII?

Why does the Greatest Story Never Told seem to harbor so much truth?

If I Were King

What if the kings of old never went way? ?What if they decided it was beneficial to step back from the public view and have accomplices motivate and manage their subjects on a day to day basis?

If I were king, I would want to disappear back into the masses, tired of the royal attention (and risks) and would be longing to enjoy the simpler things of life. ?I would want have subjects, ones that would be highly motivated, productive, and inventive. ? If I were king, I would never go away, or at least have a plan to pass on my power or influence, and actually not burden my progeny with the title of king. ?Currently my subjects lack education, motivation and are extremely unproductive even though have have given them most of the land around my moat.

What I really need is three accomplices to create my dream kingdom, one where I can step back from the spotlight and watch my subjects become wildly productive and my kingdom can out produce all others and be the richest in the land. ?The first accomplice, his name Chase, will deal with all things paper money in the Kingdom. ?Sure, I will own all the money but I will make my subjects come to Chase to pay me and when they need money that shall come to Chase.? Whenever I need money I will demand that Chase print it rather than dealing with the hassle of taxing my subjects for additional money.??I also need someone to motivate them.

That someone is Revere. ?Revere is a real pied piper, he?will encourage my subjects by telling them they are free and give them the illusion that if the work ridiculously hard the can keep most?their money, besides what they have to give Chase of course. ?After all, how are they to have the things they need in the kingdom like horses and houses, they will need money from Chase. ?Revere needs to keep them motivated while they are productive, encouraging them to work long hours and wave the flag of our kingdom on the two weeks of vacation they will have a year.

Lastly, because everything belongs to me I will need to find a way to get back the belongings and capital of my subjects when they are older and no longer valuable to me. ?For this I will use my last accomplice, Lady Pharma. ?She is the ultimate deceiver in her white coat dress. ?She will tell the subjects as they are growing up that they do not need to take care of themselves, eat really cheap food like products so we can divert our kingdom’s money to our military, and if they ever have a trouble they can always take a pill to make it better. ?Her most successful pills will kill the subjects slowly so they do not notice their health deteriorating.??We will call these pills statins and recommend them to all even if they are healthy. ?These pills?will reduce cholesterol in the person causing them to loose there memory and enjoy being distracted by moving paintings on plastic screens.

As their memories get duller we will convince them that they need expensive medical treatments and care. ?For those who do not suffer from this fate we will convince them that the sun is bad and they should stay inside as not to bother anyone. ?The reduction in cholesterol in their skin from the pills?will reduce their vitamin D levels sufficiently so their immune system will keep them chronically ill and make them unable to fight cancer. ?We will give them cancer encouraging procedures like mamograms and CT scans. ?When we finally find a cancer we will convince them to undergo treatments that initially will kill the cancer but that cause additional cancers. ?This way, I as king, through all these treatments will capture all of the money these hard working subjects have socked away their entire life, and I will be the richest king in the land! ?I will not pass this title of nobility on to my progeny either, but rather let them control the companies that profit from these actions.