Avoiding prescription drugs and unnecessary medical procedures to stay healthy.

Our medical system in the United States?is the absolute best when it comes to trauma and emergency situations, however, it is the absolute worst when it comes to treating chronic health conditions.? It is so bad that the FDA admits that over 100 thousand people die every year of properly prescribed medications (1) and most likely 200 to 400 thousand people die of medical mistakes a year (2).? To sum up the problem, it is our medical system that is the 3rd leading cause of death in our country (3). To make it worse, the United States spends more on health care than all of the other nations in the world combined!??Lets fix?this challenge, make it better you say.??This will be awfully difficult to invasion a change when the editor of??Dr. Horton, editor and chief of the Lancet states that studies published in medical journals are no longer reliable (4).

A great example of why we should be skeptical of chemical pharmaceuticals is because no modern medications for chronic diseases heal a person. The just mask symptoms, turn off receptor sites or inhibit your body?s production of natural substances.? As an example high blood pressure is an adaptation of your body to push more blood through arteries that have become smaller or fail to dilate due to an inflammatory or nutritional issue.? High blood pressure is the body compensating and trying to get more blood and oxygen to an area with restricted flow. Instead of asking why, our medical system prescribes a medication that reduces the blood pressure instead of trying to find out why your body is signaling for higher blood pressure or your vessels are not dilating or are restricted due to damage or hydrogenated oil inflexibility.

Your body was not made to process a chemical drug.? Reasons to avoid all prescription or over the counter chemical drugs are shown here in Pill Nation.

Medical Myths By Dr. Glidden

Tylenol type drugs are among the top 10 killers in our nation today!

If you have acute pain, back pain, joint pain, or muscle pain please try Real Time Pain Relief ?before trying to use a toxic chemical based solution like Tylenol or aspirin.

With that said one must be willing to take their health into their own hands with healthy food and supplements and avoid standard medical treatment and prescription drugs to treat chronic diseases at all costs.

The human body knows how to fix itself, wants to fix itself, and the human body is always attempting to fix itself.? Let?s make sure we are giving our body what it needs to do what it has been designed to do and eliminate the toxins and environments that get in its way.

Dr. Meschino- Drugs and Nutritional Suppliments: A Head to Head Comparison