Moderate Alcohol, Helpful or Harmful?

First off, alcohol is a sugar so any alcohol use not in extreme moderation will illicit the side effects of in taking a large amount sugar, See Sugar, A Poison or a Drug.

Alcohol reduces antioxidants in your skin just 8 minutes after use! See the video that covers the study at

Supplements that can help mitigate the effects of alcohol and its toxic byproducts in your body.

NAC is a liver detoxifyer.? Available HERE

Alcohol depletes antioxidants.? It is a good idea to take an antioxidant or eat antioxidant rich foods or berries.? See the antioxidant section of the site for options or simply take some Vitamin C before consuming alcohol.

Five reasons not to consume alcohol:

Cost, Calories, Cops, Conception, and Communicable Diseases.