My Rant, adapted from Dr. Tent

Can I help you?

Yes, I am looking for the guy who decided it would be a good idea to inject our kids with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, made them ADD, ADHD, speech pathology, and now we give them awards if they can stack blocks on top of each other. ?I am also looking for the guy who decided to put fluoride in our municipal water supply. ?Turns out their is not an ounce of it in your body, the FDA considers it a drug, ?its warning labels when in transport classify it as a nuerotoxin, ?its is sourced from an industrial waste product, and Harvard a few years ago came out with a study that it has absolutely tanked our IQ.

Once I locate these guys, I would like to find the guy who ruined my lunch by cooking it in hydrogenated oils and putting Roundup all over my wheat right before they harvested it killing my gut bacteria because the first patent for that chemical was to chelate minerals out of industrial boilers and its most recent patent was for its potent antibiotic effect. ?Switch to corn you say, but they have genetically engineered it to be sprayed with 2-4-D, ?which is a key component of Agent Orange. ?They sprayed that all over a bunch of yellow people four decades ago and that did not turn out so well. ?Yes, I said yellow people because if they were actual human beings I am sure we would have never even considered doing such a thing.

Don’t worry about me and our kids though, we are on the recommended low fat, low cholesterol diet, even though our brain is half fat half cholesterol. By the time I develop ?Alzheimers because all the white matter that insulates my brain that is made completely of cholesterol is gone I wont remember who I am looking for in the first place.

All of this information said far more eloquently by Robyn O’Brien:


Dr. Tent’s original rant is from his GMO food lecture starting at 51 minutes in:


Living well is the best revenge.

The human body knows how to fix itself, wants to fix itself, and the human body is always attempting to fix itself.? Let?s make sure we are giving our body what it needs to do what it has been designed to do and eliminate the toxins and environments that get in its way.

Our medical system is the absolute best when it comes to trauma and emergency situations, however, it is the absolute worst when it comes to treating chronic health conditions.? It is so bad that the FDA admits that over 100 thousand people die every year of properly prescribed medications (1) and most likely 200 to 400 thousand people die of medical mistakes a year (2).? To sum up the problem, it is our medical system that is the 3rd leading cause of death in our country (3). We in the United States spend more on health care than all of the other nations in the world combined!




With that said one must be willing to take their health into their own hands with healthy food and supplements and avoid standard medical treatment and prescription drugs to treat chronic diseases at all costs.

A great example of why we should be skeptical of chemical pharmaceuticals is because no modern medications for chronic diseases heal a person. The just mask symptoms, turn off receptor sites or inhibit your body?s production of natural substances.? As an example high blood pressure is an adaptation of your body to push more blood through arteries that have become smaller or fail to dilate due to an inflammatory or nutritional issue. High blood pressure is the body compensating and trying to get more blood and oxygen to an area with restricted flow. Instead of asking why, our medical system prescribes a medication that reduces the blood pressure instead of trying to find out why your body is signaling for higher blood pressure or your vessels are not dilating or are restricted due to damage or hydrogenated oil inflexibility.

Reasons to avoid all prescription or over the counter chemical drugs are shown here in Pill Nation.

Medical Myths By Dr. Glidden

Tylenol type drugs are among the top 10 killers in our nation today!

Unfortunately just eating fruits and vegetables for the rest of your life is not the answer either as you can explore Dr. Greger?s analysis of why a seeming quite healthy 40 year old vegan lifestyle advocate just recently died of a heart attack, and hints toward the importance of healthy oils needed for our diet and exposes the myths that saturated fats and cholesterol being the culprits.

Dr. Mercola explains the saturated fat myth and explains the benefits of coconut oil.

The movie Fat Head fully explains how the modern war against saturated fat and cholesterol came about with Ansel Key?s Lipid Hypothesis.

KEY Elements you need to have a healthy life.

Dr. Joel Wallach. Why supplementation is required.? Why all farmers give their livestock supplements.

  1. Parent Essential Oils Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty Acids:


Why not fish oils?

Summary of Fish oil studies by siding against fish oil.

Brian Peskin on why you should not take Fish Oil.

Good Omega 6 Fats, Why does a hand full of nuts every day reduce your risk of sudden heart attack death by at least one third?

Walnuts, improved arterial function is due to the healthy omega 6 fats.


Hemp Seed oil

Hemp seed oil contains the highest concentration of Essential Fatty acids and the closest ratio needed for skin regeneration.

This oil is the cheapest way to get it and just requires a teaspoon or a squirt in your mouth. Also makes a great oil base for salad dressings and is far healthier than olive oil.

or in easy to take pill form

Udos Oil Blend- An easy way to get a balance of heathy essential oils that is balanced and clinically tested.

Organic Flax Oil

How effective is flax oil and the essential omega 3 fats? Dr. Budwig cured cancer with a mixture of flax seed oil and cottage cheese!

  1. Essential Vitamins and Minerals:


America?s Mineral Deficiency


Whole food based multivitamin.

You cannot digest rocks or elemental minerals. In fact doing so may worsen a vitamin deficiency as the elemental mineral may require your body?s energy to expel rather than being absorbed.

Iodine, Thyroid support and helps remove chlorine and bromine from the body.

Just a two drops in the morning is all your body needs and will help chelate the bad chlorine and bromine that attaches to you thyroid and cause dysfunction.

Nascent Iodine

Dr. Group on Iodine

Vitamin C

Without vitamin C your body cannot build collagen which is required for all soft tissues. A vitamin C deficiency may cause acute scurvy which may be one of the modern causes of arterial sclerosis and heart disease. We do not get plaque forming on our arteries until we have unrepaired damage to them.? Vitamin C is also the body?s primary antioxidant.? Proper vitamin C levels protect us from varicose veins.

Appropriate levels of Vitamin C by Suzanne Humphries

Vitamin C acts as our master antioxidant and electron donor and as an antihistamine reducing allergic and allergen reactions.

Cruciferous Vegetable, Removes Zeno Estrogens that make up modern day pesticides and plastics and helps with liver detox.

  1. Healthy Probiotics and Gut Health


There are more bacteria in your body than there are cells in your body, many which create nutrients for you and make nutrients absorbable to you. It is believed that gut bacteria itself is able to signal you nerves and create food cravings.? Bad bacteria will create cravings for sugar or fats.? Good bacteria will create cravings for healthier foods.

Summary: on probiotics


Wide Spectrum Probiotic


All cooked/pasteurized food is devoid of enzymes, support your pancreas.

Detox Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut and Candida. If you eat refined sugars, refined carbohydrates, or consume alcohol you likely have some candida overgrowth and leaky gut.? These symptoms and look and feel a lot like chronic fatigue.

Candida and Leaky Gut with Christa Orecchio

Candida Test- Make sure you do not eat dairy the day before.

Control your Candida with Nutribiotic Defense

Cardiovascular/Heart Health:


How big pharma gained control of your cardiovascular heath via the slave camps at Auschwitz

Calcium supplementation doubles the risk of heart disease.


Plant based Vitamin C Complex

Do not control cholesterol which is a repair mechanism of your body to repair damaged arteries by transporting lipoprotein (a) . Prevent the damage from occurring altogether by keeping your cells healthy with good plant based oils and make sure your cells have adequate vitamin C that creates the collagen that holds your arteries together!? Heart disease is almost unknown in the animal kingdom since most animals produce their own vitamin C; humans do not.

Breakthrough information on the link between Vitamin C deficiency and heart disease.

Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease scientifically explained and proved.

Linus Pauling?s research on Vitamin C

CoQ10 Ubiquinol

L-Carnitine, A nutrient transporter for your heart.

L-Lysine,?? Inhibits function of Lipoprotein (a), the plaque building molecule in your body.

Cyruta Plus



Fat reduction and production of NO-

Dr. Mercola on L-Arginine

Production of NO, which removes arterial wall plaque and reduces atherosclerosis.


Beet Root NO complex, Natural Arginine and N0 Production

History of Niacin

Aged Garlic:

From the book ?Your Blood Never Lies?, by James B Lavalle.

Immune System Building:


Proper levels of D vitamin reduce probability of cancer by 70% top substances that increase immunity while fighting inflammation.

Lecture on immune system from Dr. Tent.


Vitamin D3

Essiac, Blood Purifier and Detoxifier. It is so strong it can treat some cancers.

Astragalus, Immune system builder

Immune complex

L-Lysine,?? Anti-Viral

Reshi Mushrooms, T Cell Booster

Cordycep Mushrooms

Treating Acute Colds:


Do not treat a fever or reduce it. It is a healthy immune response your body is using to manage the invasion.? T cells are more active at high temperatures and pathogen reproduction is suppressed at high temperatures.


Liposomal Vitamin C Liquid


Plant based Vitamin C Complex

Manuka Honey





Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM

Turmeric Curcumin


Garlic and Ginger on garlic

Dr. Axe- Reduce pain, inflammation, and intestinal issues with ginger



David Sinclair from TEDmed on Resveratrol

Glutathione Precursor

Glutathione is our body?s master antioxidant.

Dr. Hyman on Glutathione


Pre-meal/ Weight loss:

Obesity is a disease of deficiency not a disease of excess. You will always be hungry if you are not getting the appropriate vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids.? 90 essential

How do you fatten cattle? Whole grains and corn feed.

Dr. Hyman. Why modern milk is a problem.

Intermittent Fasting and Exercise on Dr. Mercola

Sugar, The Bitter Truth

Low fat processed food tasted terrible so companies added salt, neurotoxins and ample amounts of sugar to make it palatable.



Dr. Mark Hyman on Glucomannan

Oil Absorbing Glucomannan Luralean

Garcina Cambogia

Dr. Oz on Garcina Cambogia

Apple Cider Vinegar

Nutrition on Apple Cider Vinegar


Green Tea Extract


Reduce sugar cravings and help control blood sugar. Mood and Mental Health:







History of Niacin

How to do a niacin detox


Oral Health:


Why you should never get a root canal

Dr. Mercola



Fluoride Free toothpaste

Silver Mercury Fillings, Mercury toxin prevention- Chlorella


Cruciferous Vegetables

Dr. Meschino


Mercury Fillings, toxin prevention- Chlorella

Detox/Anti-inflammatory Bath:

Epsom Salt

Powdered Vitamin C



Leaky Gut and Candida. If you eat refined sugars, refined carbohydrates, or consume alcohol you likely have some candida overgrowth and leaky gut.? These symptoms and look and feel a lot like chronic fatigue.

Candida and Leaky Gut with Christa Orecchio

Candida Test- Make sure you do not eat dairy the day before.


Aged Garlic

Full Spectrum Herbal Candida Cleanse

Control your Candida with Nutribiotic Defense

Oil of Oregano


Acceptable cooking oils

Cooking oils- Coconut

Coconut oil is the oil known for being a healthy saturated fat which is great for brain function, skin, and promoting the feeling of satiation. It is also great antiviral and antifungal which makes it perfect for treating dry skin or applying after a shave.? The oily feeling goes away in minutes as the oil gets absorbed into your skin.

Easy to use or apply liquid coconut oil. This oil has a higher MCT medium chain triglyceride content making it great for kick starting ketosis.

Cooking oils- Organic Olive Oil

Himalayan Salt, Get your 84 minerals and enjoy your salt.

Braggs organic seasoning

Braggs liquid aminos

Why you should question vaccinations:

Dr. Tent

Correcting Eyesight with the Bates method:

Dr. Mercola summarizes the bates method to improve eyesight

Core Sites and Channels for information:

Brian Peskin- Importance of essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 Oils

Dr. Tent Diverse Health Services. Specializes in treating acute chronic disease.

Dr. John Bergman- Arthritis, nerve, and joint health

Dr. Glidden

Dr. Greger- Summarizer of Medical Studies with a focus on Plant based foods.

Dr. Mercola- Vitamin D and immune system advocate

Dr. David Clark- Thyroid and Autoimmune Conditions

Dr. Barry Sears

Dr. Robert Morse

Dr. Hyman- Break your Sugar Addiction

Dr. Lonnie Herman

Dr. Meschino

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Why natural vitamin C complex essential?

  1. ?We do not make our own vitamin C unlike most mammals.
  2. ? Vitamin C is vital in producing collagen, an essential compound for all of our soft tissues.
  3. ? Vitamin C acts as a natural antihistamine and should be taken during or to prevent mild allergic reactions, especially those of the skin as it supports the skin through collagen production.
  4. ? Vitamin C is our master antioxidant.? In one study vitamin C was able to neutralize the negative effects of ingesting large amounts of processed salt.? Normally this salt would greatly impair artery function.? However, when vitamin C was present it negated these effects and allowed arteries to function in a healthy manner.
  5. Vitamin C fights colds and is essential for healthy immune function.? Their are two known pathways that vitamin C is able to fight colds.? The first of these is its acidic effect that it produces in our body which inhibits the pathogens ability to replicate.? Secondly, as an antioxidant it neutralizes the toxins produced by the pathogen.? Typically infections in our body produce toxins in our body to inhibit and confuse our immune system.? Vitamin C neutralizes these toxins.? However, only vitamin C complex or natural vitamin C has this capability.
  6. ? Vitamin C answers a very tough question that confuses many with regards to heart disease and heart attacks.? One must ask, why are most of us walking around with large amounts of plague in our arteries but still healthy, while some marathon runners who are extremely healthy with little plaque in their arteries are dropping dead from a heart attack?? The answer lies in the first stage of arterial sclerosis where the arteries become damaged by blood pressure and blood viscosity stress.? Dr Walach discovered that copper, specifically the enzyme tyrosonase, is vital increasing healthy arterial wall structure.? He was called to a turkey farm where he discovered that many turkeys were dying of heart attack.? After copper supplementation no turkeys the next year died of heart attack.? As it turns out this tyrosinase is integral in the formation of healthy arterial walls.? Without it the artery does not form a strong flexible structure but rather a material that is much like a cheap garbage bag that splits down the side.? Arteries that form with the correct amount of tyrosinase resemble more of a woven trampoline surface, extremely durable and flexible and rarely require repair.? So why the heart attack deaths in the seemingly healthy marathon runners with little plaque in there arteries.? It is likely that those marathon runners who suffer from heart attack are not only vitamin C deficient, but they also ingest proteins like or similar to lysine.? Lysine binds to the lipo a proteins that normally form cholesterol plaques in the arteries, their function being to solidify and protect the damaged area until it can be repaired by a synergy between this collagen and adequate tyrosinase.? Lacking this plague function due to lack of adequate C complex and the cholesterol repair mechanism blocked, the marathoner falls dead with all of us wondering how.

15 Ways Vitamin C benefits you.