Detoxification- Surviving the onslaught of poisons in our environment.

Pesticides ? | ? Herbicides ? | ?Neurotoxins ?| ? MSG ? | ?Artificial Sweeteners ?| ?Bromide ?| ?Foreign Proteins ?| ?Dead Bacteria Endotoxins ? | ? ? GMO ? ?| ? ? ? ? ?High Fructose Corn Syrup |? Dioxins? | Endocrine Disruptors? |? BPA?? |

Dr. Bergman on the history of the USDA and FDA allowing US citizens to be exposed through toxins in our food and environment:

Article on the revolving door that exists between the USDA/FDA and private chemical companies. This site is dedicated to those finding themselves with mental impairment, Alzheimer’s, and?dementia?due to the toxins in our environment.

Detoxification by Dr. Robert Morse

?Science of Detoxification //? Your all important lymphatic system

Video on mercury toxicity HERE?

Dr. Meschino?on Detox

Dr. Bergman on Detox

How to Detox Your liver – Dr. Axe

Cruciferous Vegetables – remove xeno estragens leached from plastic and sprayed on our food the easy way, without having to eat pounds of broccoli.


How to do a niacin detox

Mercury Fillings, toxin prevention- Chlorella

Watch this video to see how mercury filling give off toxic gas every time they are brushed or rubbed. HERE

Chlorella helps absorb toxic heavy metals from the body.? It is a good idea to regularly take chlorella if you have silver mercury fillings or eat fish on a regular basis.

Detox/Anti-inflammatory Bath:

Consider putting a tablespoon of Borax in your bath to help remove the fluoride.

Epsom Salt

Powdered Vitamin C

Detoxification program by Victor Earl Irons

Foremost in research and detox therapy Dr. Group