My Rant, adapted from Dr. Tent

Can I help you?

Yes, I am looking for the guy who decided it would be a good idea to inject our kids with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, made them ADD, ADHD, speech pathology, and now we give them awards if they can stack blocks on top of each other. ?I am also looking for the guy who decided to put fluoride in our municipal water supply. ?Turns out their is not an ounce of it in your body, the FDA considers it a drug, ?its warning labels when in transport classify it as a nuerotoxin, ?its is sourced from an industrial waste product, and Harvard a few years ago came out with a study that it has absolutely tanked our IQ.

Once I locate these guys, I would like to find the guy who ruined my lunch by cooking it in hydrogenated oils and putting Roundup all over my wheat right before they harvested it killing my gut bacteria because the first patent for that chemical was to chelate minerals out of industrial boilers and its most recent patent was for its potent antibiotic effect. ?Switch to corn you say, but they have genetically engineered it to be sprayed with 2-4-D, ?which is a key component of Agent Orange. ?They sprayed that all over a bunch of yellow people four decades ago and that did not turn out so well. ?Yes, I said yellow people because if they were actual human beings I am sure we would have never even considered doing such a thing.

Don’t worry about me and our kids though, we are on the recommended low fat, low cholesterol diet, even though our brain is half fat half cholesterol. By the time I develop ?Alzheimers because all the white matter that insulates my brain that is made completely of cholesterol is gone I wont remember who I am looking for in the first place.

All of this information said far more eloquently by Robyn O’Brien:


Dr. Tent’s original rant is from his GMO food lecture starting at 51 minutes in:


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I came into this world as the runt of the family. ?Umbilical cord wrapped around my neck a few times and received all my vaccines and highest tech formula. ? Raised on 99 cent Whoppers, only extra ketchup and frozen pizzas with?a 2 liter bottle of Mt. Dew a day addiction. ?By the time I turned 30?I somehow managed to only make myself slightly overweight with a distended gut, had gout , arthritis of the feet, chronic fatigue, candida overgrowth, ?and ended up with a wicked case of irritable bowel syndrome. ?From the moment I gained control of my bathroom habits I dug into researching all of these ailments, health in general, and this site is an aggregation of all of the information I found helpful in my quest for becoming healthy. ?Undoing 30 years of bodily abuse is an ongoing process and has not been easy with plenty of herxheimer reactions?and thank my wife for the patience she had while I tried to remove these toxins from my body.? I found that along the way I could not stop myself from trying to help others with my findings and have used sharing to help me organize my thoughts vet the information I have been given. ? Please use the site to help guide you on your own journey of healthy living, and let me know what I have left out.


A similar story to how I arrived here from Robyn O’Brien

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