Reversing cardiovascular disease and having a healthy heart.

The only surefire way to reverse heart disease is the plant based diet method developed by Dr. Dean Ornish. ?His mechanism for his program’s success is likely because of the large amount of vitamin C one will be consuming through fruits and vegetables thus reducing the damage and inflammation to the arteries that causes heart disease. ?Vitamin C is critical to collagen production and heart health. ?most spider veins we see in the elderly and those who take daily aspirin is actually a chronic vitamin C deficiency. ?Another aspect that makes this program a success is the elimination of ?hydrogenated and oxidized oils. ?These oils impair arterial function, not allowing them to be flexible and strong, thus impair healing and make oxygenation of our cells and healing impossible. ?How did we get so far from heart health. ?The video below will help us understand how we got to where we are today.

How big pharma gained control of your cardiovascular health via the slave camps at Auschwitz.

Calcium supplementation without proper levels of Vitamin D, Vitamin K2,?Boron, and Magnesium?doubles the risk of heart disease. See summary HERE.

If you can wade past the cholesterol theory of heart disease and the saturated fat hypothesis, you can finally get to the graphs showing you how the introduction of hydrogenated oils into our food supply directly correlates with increase in heart disease rates in our country HERE.

Heart Graph

40 Year old Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack?? Unfortunately just eating fruits and vegetables for the rest of your life is not the answer either as you can explore Dr. Greger?s analysis of why a seeming quite healthy 40 year old vegan lifestyle advocate just recently died of a heart attack, and hints toward the importance of healthy oils needed for our diet and exposes the myths that saturated fats and cholesterol being the culprits.

Dr. Mercola explains the saturated fat myth and explains the benefits of coconut oil.

The movie Fat Head fully explains how the modern war against saturated fat and cholesterol came about with Ansel Key?s Lipid Hypothesis.

Dr. Tent on the 17 possible causes of heart disease.

Professor Brian Peskin on how hydrogenated oils are causing heart disease.’s over 100 videos on cardiovascular health.

Dr. Meschino- Heart Health and Cardiovascular Disease

Dr. Bergman on Cardiovascular Health

Dr. Lonnie Herman on how calcification of arteries is a bacterial infection.

Vinegar and oil salad dressing reduces risk of cardiac death by 50% compared to mayonnaise based salad dressings.? This is likely because of the vinegar oil based dressings have less hydrogenated oil and the nitric oxide production encouraged by the vinegar in the dressing.

Do not take daily aspirin to reduce your chance of a heart attack.

The one thing you should eat to reduce your chance of cardiac death, NUTS:

Walnuts and Artery Function- Walnuts drop cardiac mortality by 50% while having little effect on cholesterol.

Nuts May Prevent Death?and reduce chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. ?These high fat nuts seem to agree with Professor Brian Peskin’s theory.

How nuts prevent sudden cardiac death.

Supplements for Heart Health:

Before running out to reduce your cholesterol, understand that Alzheimers?is the number one expense of our healthcare system, four times the amount of cancer. ?Our brain is 75% white mater which is made up of pure cholesterol and the pandemic is increasing. ?If you want to reduce your cholesterol naturally you should consider increasing your fiber intake since studies show it reduces cholesterol naturally HERE.

Plant based Vitamin C Complex Prevents Heart Disease

Do not control cholesterol which is a temporary?repair mechanism of your body to?repair damaged arteries by transporting lipoprotein (a) .? Prevent the damage from occurring altogether by keeping your cells healthy with good plant based oils and make sure your cells have adequate vitamin C that creates the collagen that holds your arteries together!? Heart disease is almost unknown in the animal kingdom since most animals produce their own vitamin C; humans do not.

All the reasons why natural vitamin C complex is absolutely essential.

Breakthrough information on the link between Vitamin C deficiency and heart disease HERE.

Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease scientifically explained and proved HERE.

Linus Pauling?s research on Vitamin C

Why must Vitamin C be Vitamin C complex to be effective

If you have high blood pressure and have the typical high salt diet this video explains how antioxidants like Vitamin C can reduce the negative effects salt has on arterial function.? How vitamin C may counteract the oxidative stress of salt intake. – Dr. Greger.?

Plant derived Garden of Life Vitamin C

L-Lysine To be taken in the morning.

L-Lysine,?? Inhibits function of Lipoprotein (a), the plaque building molecule in your cardiovascular system.

CoQ10 Ubiquinol

Renowned Cardiologist Dr. Sinatra?explains the benefits of CoQ10 and Carnitine HERE.

Article from Dr. Sinatra on CoQ10 and Carnitine

L-Carnitine, A nutrient transporter for your heart to be taken in the morning.

Cyruta Plus by Standard Process

Cardio Plus by Standard Process

L-Arginine, producer of NO to be taken in the evening.

Fat reduction and production of NO-

Dr. Mercola on L-Arginine

Production of NO, which removes arterial wall plaque and reduces atherosclerosis.

Beet Root NO complex, Natural Arginine and N0 Production

Niacin, to be taken in the morning or before physical activity.

History of Niacin? Niacin dilates your arteries and blood vessels which encourages oxygen to the extremities and helps exercise the vacillation of your cardiovascular system keeping it flexible and helps detox your body.

Aged Garlic

From the book ?Your Blood Never Lies?, by James B Lavalle.