Healthy Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fats

Professor Brian Peskin using the review of known medical literature finds that hydrogenated oils are the leading cause of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes in our modern world.? These Frankenstein oils find a home in the lipid membranes in our cells, encourage cellular energy dysfunction, and stick together in our arteries.? Omega 6 fats are a vital part to every soft tissue in our body, and a hydrogenated omega 6 creates a dead spots on the cells of our skin, colon, lungs and many other tissues prone to developing cancer.? Otto Warburg discovered that cells partially starved from oxygen begin to ferment sugar for energy.? The hallmark of a cancer sell is a sell that runs purely on sugar fermentation and lacks oxygen.? The perfect scenario to create cancer is to have a cell whose lipid membrane is made of these hydrogenated fats which starve our cells of oxygen, causing it to revert using yeast cell like fermentation to survive.? This is probably why re oxygenating the cells using flax seed oil and cottage cheese via the budwig protocol are so effective in reversing cancers.

Reasons why the hydrogenated oil lipid hypothesis as the root cause of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer is likely true:

  1. ?Death from heart disease and cancer before the introduction to hydrogenated was below 5%.? Type II diabetes was virtually?unheard of.
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  5. Dr. Budwig has been able to effectively reverse cancer with the treatment that includes a combination of omega 3 flax and omega 6 cottage cheese, displacing the hydrogenated oils that cause a lack of oxygen condition.
  6. Dr. Greger show studies that just eating a handful of walnuts a day (mostly healthy omega 6) reduces risk of heart attack by 50%)
  7. The corollary, those eating the highest amount of hydrogenated fats were found to have a 50% in all cause mortality in studies.
  8. Studies find that those consuming hydrogenated oils have a 40% increase in breast cancer rates.
  9. Dr. Greger sites a study that finds that people on a low carb vegetarian high fat diet actually? a lower incidence of death than those on a regular diet.? These healthy oils may actually increase lifespan and negate the effects of hydrogenated oil intake.

Brian Peskin is the father of the parent essential oil theory and the hypothesis that hydrogenated oils are?the main pathway to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. ?Examples of how the Parent Essential oils make us healthier and live longer are everywhere. ?In order to discover the dysfunction caused by hydrogenated oils, one can look at the increase in cardiovascular disease, diabites, and cancer since their inception. Videos on Parent Essential oils from Professor Brian Peskin? More information. plant based Atkins diet shows us exactly how important the parent essential oils in plant based form can be at actually prolonging our life!

Good Omega 6 Fats, Why does a hand full of nuts every day reduce your risk of sudden heart attack death by at least one third?? Further evidence of plant based parent essential oils found in walnuts which improve arterial function is due to their healthy omega 6 fat content.? Videos from

Walnuts and Artery Function- Walnuts drop cardiac mortality by 50% while having little effect on cholesterol.

Nuts May Prevent Death?and reduce cronic diseases like diabites, heart disease, and cancer. ?These high fat nuts seem to cholaborate Dr. Brian Peskin’s theory.

How nuts prevent sudden cardiac death.

Why not fish oils?

Summary of Fish oil studies by siding against fish oil.

Brian Peskin on why you should not take Fish Oil.


Hemp Seed oil

Hemp seed oil contains the highest concentration of essential fatty acids and the closest ratio needed for skin regeneration.

This oil is the cheapest way to get it and just requires a teaspoon or a squirt in your mouth. Also makes a great oil base for salad dressings and is far healthier than olive oil.

or in easy to take pill form

Udos Oil Blend- An easy way to get a balance of heathy essential oils that is balanced and clinically tested.

Organic Flax Oil

How effective is flax oil and the essential omega 3 fats? Dr. Budwig cured cancer with a mixture of flax seed oil and cottage cheese!? See Budwig Protocol here.

The history of how saturated fat became the enemy.