Surviving Winter

In order to survive winter and weather the inevitable colds we must be prepared.? The two keys to surviving winter are to make sure you have a strong immune system and that when a cold is initially contracted we give our body the adjunct materials beneficial in fighting it off and disrupting the pathogen from flourishing.

Boosting your Immune system using Vitamins and Herbs

The first step in making sure you are ready for the winter cold season is to make sure you have adequate vitamin D levels.? New studies indicate that vitamin D will help you fight off colds here.

The most beneficial way to get vitamin D is to through the sun and and to a lesser but still effective degree light.? Installed in my kitchen and office are near infrared (red), far infrared (black ceramic), and ultraviolet (purple/black lights).? By using these lights during solar winter ( when the sun’s angle to the earth is to great for us get these frequencies of light.? Ever notice that all the the sever colds are occur during the winter, this is because of low vitamin D levels across the human population that allows pathogens to flourish in us.

Should you somehow be able to avoid the advice of getting adequate vitamin D through the sun or light therapy or get you blood tested and find you have low vitamin D you should supplement.? I prefer naturally derived plant based vitamins over any other, however, with regards to Vitamin D is so important that even a cheap source may be beneficial, after all a lack of vitamin D makes your risk of cancer skyrocket.? Listed below are the top supplements for vitamin D supplementation:

Vitamin Code Raw D3? |??? Spray Vitamin D? |? Liquid Vitamin D

With adequate vitamin D levels you stand a very good chance to not letting yourself to loose function and work days due to a cold.

Another vitamin you should be getting in sufficient quanity daily for overall heath, expecially cardiovascular and skin health is vitamin C.? Vitamin C is so important because our body uses C to make collegen which is a primary building block of our skin, bones, and ateries.? Many animals create their own vitamin C, however, we do not have that ability.? It can be seen in goats that normally produce a half a gram of vitamin C in a day will produce many times that when they are stressed or sick. (Suzanne Humphries)? Due to this fact daily vitamin C should be an necessary component to your health and wellness regemen.? Vitamin C should ideally be derived from plants since it exists in a complex of molecules rather than just asorbic acid.(Dr. Eric Berg)

Vitamin C for kids:

Acerola-C? or mykind organics spray C.?

Vitamin C for Adults:

Natures Way Vitamin C Powder

Natural Vitamin C

To ensure your full immune potential, however it would ideal to intake some adaptogenic herbs that help tune your immune system.? These naturally found plants, herbs, and mushrooms include grapefruit seed, astragalus root, reishi mushrooms, echinacea, ginger root, maitake mushrooms, Oregon grape root, shiitake mushroom, and yarrow.

In order to be brief each one of these is linked to information on how it helps enhance or regulate our immune system.?? Luckily for us, there is a supplement that includes all of these called Defense Plus made by NutriBiotic.

For children, I prefer to administer these herbs using the product Kid-e-Well.? ?Elderberry syrup is also a favorite of our kids because it taste good.


It is important that when a cold hits you take action quickly.? Your body will benefit from the correct supplements that will help it fight the infection and suppress the pathogen from effectively reproducing and organizing its attack against you.? With regards to stomach illness, a healthy gut with nurtured with a pro biotic and Restore is your best defense.? It is important to have a healthy gut, and is the best way to avoid stomach illnesses, rather than treating the illness after it is contracted.? Little can be done once a stomach bug is contracted other than stay hydrated and let it pass.? Though many will recommend ginger to calm a sick stomach I find in nauseating and prefer peppermint.? I like to take peppermint in combination with oregano oil in pill form (here) and breath it in via essential oil (here).

When a head, throat or lung cold it is important to act quick. I recommend using many tools you should have at your disposal.? High dose vitamin C, peppermint and oregano essential oil, manuka honey, and spray silver for lungs and throat.

The protocol for C is high dose,? I initially will take 3 to 6 500mg vitamin C pills followed by 1 or 2 an hour until i feel my symptoms have decreased.? Bowel tolerance method described here?.? Vitamin C should be taken until symptoms are reduced or until bowel tolerance or loose stools happen.?? The vitamin C I use for is protocol are the cheaper variety and not completely plant derived.?? The pills recommended for this are called Pureway C (here).? Kids tend to handle a chewable better by Natures Plus called Acerola-C? or mykind organics spray C.?

For any throat or lung cold I feel coming on,? I take the? oregano and peppermint in pill form , spray my throat with both mykind organics spray C and colloidal silver spray.

For coughs I recommend eucalyptus oil which just so happens to be found in vics vapor rub though i prefer to defuse it with a humidifier.? I also prefer to use manuka honey in tea and manucka honey cough drops.? The honey is naturally infused with eucalyptus oil due to the fact that the bees harvested their pollen from eucalyptus plants.

Lastly, if my feeling of sickness fails to improve drastically or worsens I use liposomal vitamin C as a last resort due to its expense.? Regular vitamin C is water soluble and not readily absorbed into some areas of the body which is where the infection may be.? I prefer liposmal C in pill form as it seems to agitate my stomach less, however liposomal C from a dropper for children seems to work just fine.? Do note that it can irritate the stomach, and as I learned while treating my children for colds with liposomal C it is not my first choice after it once induced instant vomiting.

Lastly, do not treat your body’s temperature when you are trying to recover from a cold.? The fever is your body’s way to inhibit the success of the pathogen and activate your immune system.? I person with adequate vitamin C and Calcium in their body as never died from an elevated temperature. (Dr. Tent)

First thing to do when a cold or Flu strike. – Dr. Mercola, the doctor who has not had a sick day in 30 years.

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Known adaptogenic herbs that can be used to support a healthy immune system:


Grapefruit Seed Extract (Citricidal)

Elderberry Syrup? Its great tasting, perfect for adding to drinks.

Olive Leaf

Oregano Oil


Reishi Mushrooms

Michael Savage on Immune System and Bowel Tolerance Vitamin C

Powered Vitamin C recommended by Michael Savage here.



My Rant, adapted from Dr. Tent

Can I help you?

Yes, I am looking for the guy who decided it would be a good idea to inject our kids with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, made them ADD, ADHD, speech pathology, and now we give them awards if they can stack blocks on top of each other. ?I am also looking for the guy who decided to put fluoride in our municipal water supply. ?Turns out their is not an ounce of it in your body, the FDA considers it a drug, ?its warning labels when in transport classify it as a nuerotoxin, ?its is sourced from an industrial waste product, and Harvard a few years ago came out with a study that it has absolutely tanked our IQ.

Once I locate these guys, I would like to find the guy who ruined my lunch by cooking it in hydrogenated oils and putting Roundup all over my wheat right before they harvested it killing my gut bacteria because the first patent for that chemical was to chelate minerals out of industrial boilers and its most recent patent was for its potent antibiotic effect. ?Switch to corn you say, but they have genetically engineered it to be sprayed with 2-4-D, ?which is a key component of Agent Orange. ?They sprayed that all over a bunch of yellow people four decades ago and that did not turn out so well. ?Yes, I said yellow people because if they were actual human beings I am sure we would have never even considered doing such a thing.

Don’t worry about me and our kids though, we are on the recommended low fat, low cholesterol diet, even though our brain is half fat half cholesterol. By the time I develop ?Alzheimers because all the white matter that insulates my brain that is made completely of cholesterol is gone I wont remember who I am looking for in the first place.

All of this information said far more eloquently by Robyn O’Brien:


Dr. Tent’s original rant is from his GMO food lecture starting at 51 minutes in:


Sugar, A poison or a drug?

How do you fatten cattle? ?Feed them grains and corn feed.? How do you fatten humans? ?Which rats prefer more, more cocaine or sugar?

What to age sooner than anyone? ?Keep raising your blood sugar levels and insulin.? Sugar may also call localized chronic scurvy due to the fact that it competes with Vitamin C uptake into your cells and as a result could cause you arteries to become damaged.

Sugar, The Bitter Truth- How low fat processed food tasted terrible, so companies added salt, neurotoxins, and ample amounts of sugar to make it palatable.


5 Best Sweeteners and substitutes – Dr. Axe

How sugar is causing a Candida Pandemic and artificial sweeteners are even worse:

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A similar story to how I arrived here from Robyn O’Brien

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