Why eating too much animal based saturated fat may increase our likelihood to becoming insulin resistance HERE.? This video concludes that saturated fat is the cause of diabetes.? The main fact that Dr. Greger makes is that the fact that meat consumption actually raises insulin levels more than sugars and grains found HERE. ? We do find that cells of those with type two diabetes are backed up with saturated fat.? The question being is the saturated fat, because of its presence cause the diabetes or is it our bodies impaired function and inability to process saturated fat causing this buildup, back up the cellular energy pathway to our entire system, and thus we see ourselves developing diabetes due to our cells lack of ability to then metabolize both fats and sugars.? What could possibly causing this metabolic dysfunction?? I would point to hydrogenated oils causing mitochondrial dysfunction in our sells via Brian Peskin’s theories detailed in the book PEO Solution.? Surely we should limit the amount of saturated fat we intake, and if we believe the summaries of research found below we should attempt to eliminate it all together. Before going to this extreme one must ask if it is not hydrogenated oils that have caused our inability to handle saturated fats as shown in the history of hydrogenated fats HERE.


Neal Barnard on saturated fat and diabetes.?? Dr. Greger’s summaries at Nutrtionfacts.org on the contrary links saturated fat intake as causing diabetes.? The conclusion?he has come to is that animal based saturated fat and bad cholesterol actually kills our pancreatic beta cells, cells which control our insulin function, and thus cause type two diabetes over time.? You can see this summary HERE.? To see all videos from nutritiontfacts.org on weight control and diabetes here.

If high carbohydrate consumption caused diabetes then half the world should have diabetes.? It is the animal based protein and cooking oils mixed with rice that has caused sharp increase in diabetes due to the amount animal products mixed with rice decrease insulin sensitivity seen HERE.? It is important not to speak in half truths and blame just the animal products or just the cooking oils without evidence.? There is very little wholesale evidence that points to animal products alone causing diabetes leaving the hydrogenated oils that have been introduced to these countries at the very same time animal proteins were introduced that are likely the smokeless cooking oil gun.

Sugar actually increases insulin sensitivity? Summary by Dr. McDougall HERE

Current medications for diabetes only control sugar but to not address the underlying cause of insulin resistance and allows the diabetes to progress and thus causing the condition to get worse over time.? There are logical steps to reducing diabetes as opposed to using medications to force your body to store sugar via insulin.? Here is a summary of how medications make diabetes worse and steps you can take to reduce diabetes naturally.

See all of Jason Fung’s videos HERE.

At the end of the day you have three healthy options if you are pre-diabetic or type two diabetic to reversing the condition? Stay away from carbohydrates all together in the hopes you will bring your bodies insulin sensitivity back.? If you take this route you should definitely be getting ample amounts of healthy omega 3 and omega 6 plant based oils.? If you choose to go plant based you need to avoid refined carbohydrates and high sugar fruits and juices.? The third option is to begin fasting, giving your body time to reset is insulin sensitivity and a break from the sugar onslaught.

With any of these methods you should consider using supplements to help ease your sugar uptake and thus reduce your insulin needed.? Fiber like glucomannan will mechanically slow the digestion and absorption of food and sugars.? Apple cider vinegar before meals is also shown to reduce sugar absorption.? Herbs like cinnamon and turmeric will increase your insulin sensitivity.?? Physical activity after meals is also very beneficial as it will burn the glucose instead of letting it sit in your bloodstream and cause damage.

Perhaps the best supplement for type two diabetes is Turmeric.? This study covered by nutritionfacts.org catalogs the effectiveness of curcumin HERE.


Glucomannan Fiber