Vitamins and Minerals

Expensive urine may be the cheapest health insurance and the best investment you can make in yourself. ?Invest in yourself instead of the hospitals and chemical pharmaceutical companies. ?Even worse, if you are mineral deficient and then are exposed to a toxic compound, that substance is more likely to be taken in by your body in place of the minerals that should be there. ?Lastly, if you are vitamin or mineral deficient you will always be hungry because your body will request food in the hopes you will eat something that will fulfill that deficiency.

Good vitamins and minerals turn on your good genes and dampen your bad genes.

Plenty of studies have proven that using a multivitamin does not increase your health or lifespan. ?This is because in all these studies they used rock vitamins. You cannot digest rocks or elemental minerals.? In fact doing so may worsen a mineral deficiency as the elemental mineral may require your body?s energy to expel rather than being absorbed.? Each element has hundreds of different isotopes.? For example their is only one isotope that your body can use, all others are waste or poison to your body.? By eating a vitamin or giving your baby formula that contains iron shavings is actually detrimental to iron metabolism in you body because iron shavings are a different isotope that the iron found in green leafy vegetables.? To further illustrate this, many minerals in you body are used entirely their energy.? The body uses the energy of the specific isotope of that element then discards it at waste.? The mineral itself is not needed but rather the energy of that mineral that is used as a catalyst to create compounds your body needs. ?This is obviously not the case with elements that deposit in our body like calcium, iron, or carbon, but material like iodine are just used to activate processes in our thyroid.

We must respect our body and understand it is far more complex than we understand. ?? ?That is why we need complex vitamins and specific isotopes of minerals found in plants not rocks.? To venture into the science of these isotopes see the work of Dan Nelson.? Remember, on the subconscious level your body will be a lot smarter than your conscious level will ever be.

More simplistically, when our body is deficient of minerals it will more readily uptake toxins in their place.

Dr. Meschino- The Essential Role of Vitamins

Iodine, Thyroid support and helps remove chlorine and bromine from the body.

Just a two drops in the morning is all your body needs and will help chelate the bad chlorine and bromine that attaches to you thyroid and cause dysfunction.

Nascent Iodine

Iodine blocks radiation. Currently 1/3 of the world’s ocean has been radiated by the?Fukushima disaster. ?Iodine can block this radiation from doing damage to your body.

Dr. Group on Iodine

Vitamin C

Without vitamin C your body cannot build collagen which is required for all soft tissues.? A vitamin C deficiency may cause acute scurvy which may be one of the modern causes of arterial sclerosis and heart disease. We do not get plaque forming on our arteries until we have un repaired damage and inflammation to them.? Vitamin C is also the body?s primary antioxidant.? Proper vitamin C levels protect us from varicose veins.


Vitamin C acts as our master antioxidant and electron donor and as an antihistamine reducing allergic and allergen reactions.

Cruciferous Vegetable, Removes Zeno Estrogens that make up modern day pesticides and plastics and helps with liver detox.