Unhealthy Factory Farm and Processed Meats

Simply put factory raised or CAFO meat is not healthy for you.? Neither does it honor creation and life when you buy or consume it.? Below are some of the risks you likely take every day when consuming factory meat to include subjecting your body to massive amounts of inflammation due to the way the meat is processed.? By extension CAFO milk and cheese are also problematic with the massive amounts of utter puss or pasteurized T-Cells they contain.

Why handing raw chicken may be absolutely dangerous for your health and possibly cause rheumatoid arthritis.

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After all of this information on chicken we only buy organically raised chicken and it goes directly into the skillet or onto the grill.? I make sure the raw chicken sauce does not get anywhere, all packaging goes immediately into the waste bin and I wash my hands thoroughly.? Any mess is immediately cleaned up with a Clorox wipe.

Viral Meat Spray? is why typical commercially processed meat may be bad for you and cause inflammation. Even dead bacteria can create a inflammatory reaction, as if grain fed meat that is raised in crowded confinement was not enough the new viral and ammonia sprays they use on meat encourage the slaughter houses not to worry how much feces or bacteria is on their meat because they can just kill it all with a spray even though it might cause massive amounts of inflammation and damage to your digestive system. Videos on dead bacteria inflammation are HERE? and? HERE.? Consider getting your meat from a small local locker that is concerned with bacteria contamination so you are not digesting this toxic load every time you decide to enjoy meat.

The Truth About Factory Farms

Processed Meat Causes Cancer, summary by nutritionfacts.org

As a result we try to get our sausage from local farmers who use less chemicals and nitrates.? We also buy the more expensive naturally cured nitrate free bacon when we choose to enjoy it.

Dr. Hyman. Why modern milk is a problem.