Maintaining Healthy Weight

We need to change the way we think about food. ?Some foods tell our body to burn fat, others tell our body to store fat. ?Toxins and proteins foreign to our body are treated as poisons and cause us to to become inflamed. ?The food you eat turns your good genes and hormones on or off. ?Your genetics may load the gun but your epigenetics (your environment and what you eat) pulls the trigger. ?What you eat is so important that what your grandparents ate affect you today.?

We do not get fat because we are lazy. ?We do not get fat because we lack the willpower to not over eat. ?We get fat because the foods readily available to us to today tell our body to store fat by up-regulating our fat storing hormones and shutting of our fat burning hormones. ?The?processed foods we currently eat also fail to do is tell us we are full. ?This is because it is lacking the vitamins, many taken out by glyphosate which is a mineral remover, and lacking the good fats our body needs. ?As a result we spend most of our lives walking around fat and hungry, lacking the energy and motivation to do something about it.

Our Allies in Burning Fat

  1. ?Our hormones, especially leptin.
  2. ?Our brown fat.? ? Boosting brown fat through food we eat.
  3. ?Our sleep, especially through intermittent fasting.
  4. ?Our gut bacteria. Encourage your gut bacteria burn your calories!
  5. ?Foods that make you feel full.
  6. Know your body type make specific adjustments treat it.

Our enemies that make us store fat.

  1. ?Hydrogenated Oils that cause metabolic dysfunction at the cellular level.
  2. ?Sugars and refined carbohydrates.
  3. ?Stress and lack of good sleep that interferes with our fat burning hormones.
  4. ?Milk may be your enemy in weight loss. ?IGF1, toxins, ?and Estrogen.
  5. ?Herxheimer reactions?as you loose weight.

The number one way to combat unhealthy weight is to develop positive diet habits.?With regards to diet, do not make the perfect the enemy of the good. ?Some of the most beneficial and effective of these are:

  1. ? Removing sugars and junk foods(especially hydrogenated oils) from your home.
  2. ? Removing all sugar containing beverages including juices from your home.
  3. ? Not eating after dinner and making dinner as early as possible, as a result you will be burning fat when you wake up and will get better rest.
  4. ? Eat slowly and chew more allowing your body to send a satiation signal sooner.? Get in the habit of leaving food on your plate every meal.? Yes this is wasteful at first, but as you build discipline you can curb this practice.? Alternatively you can use smaller plates to help control portion sizes.
  5. ? Control portion size, using a fiber like glucomannan pre-meal if necessary.
  6. ? Keep healthy snacks readily available.? These include nuts, fruit, dried berries, and pure fruit bars for between meal cravings.
  7. ? Move after a meal whenever possible reducing blood sugar spikes.? An after dinner walk can be fantastic for your health and weight.
  8. ?Intermittent Fasting and Exercise on Dr. Mercola
  9. Kill the Cravings – Dr. Senechal
  10. Limit exposure to blue light after the sun goes down.

Obesity is a disease of deficiency not a disease of excess.? You will always be hungry and over eat if you are not getting the appropriate vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids. ?Dr. Glidden explaining this theory here.

How bad Science and big business created the obesity epidemic

How do you fatten cattle?? Whole grains and corn feed.

Sugar, The Bitter Truth

Low fat processed food tasted terrible so companies added salt, neurotoxins and ample amounts of sugar to make it palatable.

Studies have shown that people who drink diet soda loose less weight than people who drink the same amount of regular soda.? Why on earth would you drink diet soda? Why diet drinks and artificial sweeteners are not the answer. HERE

12 Harmful foods by Dr. Glidden

Dr Glidden’s position is a bit extreme but we should at least limit these harmful foods in our diet and search for organic and healthy alternatives when available.? One example of this would be using coconut flour instead of standard bleached flour to create baked goods.

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Supplements Helpful In Controlling Weight

Who has the self control to stop eating when there is something delicious on your plate?? If you find yourself overeating you can try to battle yourself with delicious food in front of you or, make it a habit before a delicious meal to take two to four capsules of glucomannan fiber before meals thus limiting you physical ability and desire to overeat.? It is much easier to combat overeating initially through fiber intake before eating a meal than to try to use self control with temptation right in front of you.? I have found that using this method my ability to eat insanely large portions has diminished, it is almost as if my stomach became smaller. Dr. Mark Hyman on Glucomannan

Oil Absorbing Glucomannan Luralean

Apple Cider Vinegar

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How apple cider vinegar helps us loose weight.


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Reduce sugar cravings and help control blood sugar.

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