Healthy Eating Habits

Getting nutrition advice from?the medical community?is like listening to a dozen blind men trying to describe and elephant.

Please ask yourself which is more patriotic?

Declaring your “freedom” (the second amendment is the only right in this country left partially intact) by strutting around in camouflage made in the Philippians while drinking some high fructose corn syrup Poweraide all while firing lead bullets made in China (yes we no longer make any lead in this country).?????????????????????????? -or-

Buying you food from a local farmer who is a good steward of their land, who will be putting a majority of that money into supporting their lifestyle which protects the land they care for and the remaining money will go towards purchasing as many local goods as they can afford thus enriching your local community and our country.

Things that we should eat every day:

A handful of nuts-? Walnuts, pecans, or your favorite fatty nut.? A handful of nuts a day in studies reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack by 50%!? If you prefer not to eat nuts, make sure you supplement with healthy plant based oils instead like HEMP or Udo’s Oil Blend.

Cruciferous Vegetables-? Start with one sprig of broccoli a day if you need to.? Broccoli and its cruciferous vegetable relatives are the master detoxifier of your liver and eliminator of toxins and xenoestrogens we are bombarded with given our modern technological food system.? Can’t stomach the vegetable, supplement HERE.

Turmeric- With no known negative side effects and health benefits of reducing cancer, improving blood sugar metabolism, and?reducing inflammation,?taking turmeric daily is a no brainer.? If pouring curry all over your potatoes does not appeal to you, supplement HERE.

Dr. Greger on What are the healthiest foods.

Benefits of Raw Milk by Dr. Mercola

Only Healthy Cooking oils- Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the oil known for being a healthy saturated fat which is great for brain function, skin, and promoting the feeling of satiation.? It is also great antiviral and anti-fungal which makes it perfect for treating dry skin or applying after a shave.? The oily feeling goes away in minutes as the oil gets absorbed into your skin.

Easy to use or apply liquid coconut oil.? This oil has a higher MCT medium chain triglyceride content making it great for kick starting fat burning ketosis.

Cooking oils- Organic Olive Oil

Why olive oil is only a neutral cooking oil, not healthy or particularly harmful oil from

Healthy Seasonings

Himalayan Salt, Get your 84 minerals and enjoy your salt

Braggs organic seasoning

Braggs liquid aminos