Avoiding Vaccinations

Why you should question vaccinations:

The current vaccine schedule has never been tested for its safety.?

Why do African Americans have a much higher rate of adverse reactions to vaccines?

Do not give acetaminophen after a vaccine

MIT Researcher on the synergistic negative effects between vaccines and roundup

People in northern climates have an increased rate of negative side effects to vaccines likely due to decreased vitamin D levels. ?To reduce the potential negative side effects, insure the person will receive sun exposure before and after the vaccines. ?Also take vitamin C before and after vaccine to neutralize toxins contained by the vaccine and produced by the pathogens. ? You may want to take a heavy metal chelator like chlorella to remove the heavy metals (mercury and aluminum) in your vaccines. ?Avoid giving vaccines in the winter or when the person is not feeling well.

The CDC gave 90 million people SV40 cancer causing virus in the Polio Vaccine

Dr. Mary’s Monkey

Scientist Andrew Moulden proves that vaccines cause mini strokes in the brain.

The Vaccine Myth

Dr. Bergman on Vaccines

Dr. Andrew Wakefield – The Legacy of Vaccine Injury

Dissecting the CDC Whistleblower Documents: A Study in Corruption – Dr. Brian Hooker

50 holistic doctors dead this past year.