If I Had Cancer

Why will 1 in 2 men get cancer by the time they are 85?? Why will 1 in 3 women?

Cancer Graph

The perfect conditions for a cancer pandemic:

  1. Create a condition whereby a person lacks cellular oxygen due to the makeup of the membranes around each one of their cells is composed of oxidized and hydrogenated oils. ?These cells will then begin to ferment sugar to stay alive, the hallmark of a cancer cell.
  2. Expose the person to massive amounts of toxins that keep the immune system and?body’s repair stem?cells busy?and sugar which paralyzes the immune system, causing?a need for increased regeneration of cells and?weakened immune system so they are not able to naturally destroy the 10,000 dysfunctional cells that they produce daily.
  3. Reduce peoples vitamin D levels. ?Encourage people to stay out to the sun and use sunscreen liberally. ?Give people cholesterol reducing drugs and statins, the same cholesterol that is needed to produce vitamin D and its derivative GcMAF that encourages your body’s macrophages to eat cancer cells. ?Adequate vitamin D levels reduce cancer by 70%
  4. Give people treatments that cause more cancer.

Most cancers take years to grow.? Rarely does it make sense to rush into treatment. ?http://thetruthaboutcancer.com/

The first thing I would do if I suspect cancer is to get a nagalase test.

Treatments I would start immediately if I suspected cancer.

1. Check vitamin D levels and supplement raw D3.? Adequate vitamin D cuts cancer risk in half.

2.? Essiac

Story of Renee Caisse

3.? GCMAF yogurt from Bravo Yogart

4. B17 intake.? Information here.

http://cancerdecisions.com/? All the clinical research and studies on treatments based on the form of cancer you have.

Why our current cancer treatments are not working:

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