Building and maintaining a healthy immune system.


A healthy immune system is required for us to not get sick and for us to have adequate energy.? If we are constantly fighting inflammation causing infection we are likely to suffer from fatigue since our body does not have a chance to rest and rebuild.??On to?of that?the barrage of radio waves in our environment and eating late?keep our body from relaxing and repairing thus degrading our?immune function even more.?? In this day and age where our processed?foods lack phytonutrients and contain compounds that reduce our gut health and as our result our immune system it makes sense to do some supplementation.

Many of us suffer from sickness for long periods of time, we just can’t seem to kick the cold.? Or, in the case of a virus like mono, the virus will hide in our body and when our immune system gets weak will reemerge time and again.? We need to make sure we are eating food that has the phytonutrients that increase our immune system’s strength.? See videos from for ways to boost and regulate your immune system:

Lecture on immune system from Dr. Tent.

Below are some supplements that can help us increase and healthfully regulate our immune system.

Vitamin D3

Proper levels of D vitamin reduce probability of cancer by 70%

Safe dose of vitamin D supplementation needed to get our vitamin D to an adequate level according to

Essiac, Blood Purifier and Detoxifier. It is so strong it can treat some cancers.

Astragalus,? Dr. Meschino on Immune system building and modulation

Immune complex

| Echinacea? |? Astragalus? |? Vitamin C? |? Mushroom Extracts? |? Grape Root? |?? Ginger Root |? Grapefruit Seed? |? Yarrow Extract |

L-Lysine,?? Anti-Viral benefits described by John Gray

Reshi Mushrooms, T Cell Booster

Cordycep Mushrooms

We can control our metabalism and immune system through our brain -Wim Hof

Common Viral Colds

Do not treat a fever or reduce it.? It is a healthy immune response your body is using to manage the invasion.? T cells are more active at high temperatures and pathogen reproduction is suppressed at high temperatures.? See more info HERE


Liposomal Vitamin C Liquid

Vitamin C will help fight and neutralize toxins produced by an infection allowing your body’s immune response to be more effective.? Liposomal vitamin C is more readily absorbed which may be necessary/beneficial with a severe cold.

How Vitamin C works against your infection and supports your body.

Pill Vitamin C

Plant based Vitamin C Complex

Colloidal Silver

Manuka Honey? Sugars are typically the enemy of health, however, manuka honey carries with it tea tree oil phytonutrients that can kill pathogens.


Mood and Mental Health

The surprisingly Dramatic role of nutrition in Mental Health and the studies that say medications for mental health conditions are not effective long term.

Motivation with the Modern Health Monk

Its good to cry, its your bodies way to release toxins!

Anti-depressants are not the answer, Dr. Hyman tells us why.


5-HTP Improves Your Mood and Helps You Sleep Better



History of Niacin

How to do a niacin detox and break addictions


The shocking truth about your health | Lissa Rankin

Candida, America’s Death by Sugar Pandemic


Leaky Gut and Candida.? If you eat refined sugars, refined carbohydrates, or consume alcohol you likely have some candida overgrowth and leaky gut.? These symptoms and look and feel a lot like chronic fatigue.

Candida and Leaky Gut with Christa Orecchio?and HERE

Candida Test- Make sure you do not eat dairy the day before.


Aged Garlic

Full Spectrum Herbal Candida Cleanse

Control your Candida with Nutribiotic Defense

Oil of Oregano