Intermittent Fasting. Who came up with 3 to 5 meals anyway?

Benefits of intermittent fasting are:

Increased insulin sensitivity.

Normalization of inflammation and better cell regeneration all over the body.

A stronger metabolism overall as your body gets used to regular fat burning rather than feeling starved by many small meals.

Letting your digestive system rest and regenerate in a healthy manner eliminating leaky gut.

Helps eliminate sugar hungry pathogens and bacteria in your gut that require a constant supply of sugar.

A greater feeling of reward when you do eat because less frequent meals can be bigger.

Burning fat by requiring your body to go into ketosis. ?If you stop eating by 6 PM?by the time the morning comes you will have been burning fat for a few hours and any more time you can hold out before breakfast is easy fat burn. ?Avoid late night deserts at all cost since you will cause you body to be digesting while you sleep instead of resting and regenerating. ?As you are getting used skipping a meal, feel free to supplement with a fiber pill like glucomannan or blended fiber to give you a full feeling while your body learns to burn fat to give you energy before the next meal.