Why natural vitamin C complex essential?

  1. ?We do not make our own vitamin C unlike most mammals.
  2. ? Vitamin C is vital in producing collagen, an essential compound for all of our soft tissues.
  3. ? Vitamin C acts as a natural antihistamine and should be taken during or to prevent mild allergic reactions, especially those of the skin as it supports the skin through collagen production.
  4. ? Vitamin C is our master antioxidant.? In one study vitamin C was able to neutralize the negative effects of ingesting large amounts of processed salt.? Normally this salt would greatly impair artery function.? However, when vitamin C was present it negated these effects and allowed arteries to function in a healthy manner.
  5. Vitamin C fights colds and is essential for healthy immune function.? Their are two known pathways that vitamin C is able to fight colds.? The first of these is its acidic effect that it produces in our body which inhibits the pathogens ability to replicate.? Secondly, as an antioxidant it neutralizes the toxins produced by the pathogen.? Typically infections in our body produce toxins in our body to inhibit and confuse our immune system.? Vitamin C neutralizes these toxins.? However, only vitamin C complex or natural vitamin C has this capability.
  6. ? Vitamin C answers a very tough question that confuses many with regards to heart disease and heart attacks.? One must ask, why are most of us walking around with large amounts of plague in our arteries but still healthy, while some marathon runners who are extremely healthy with little plaque in their arteries are dropping dead from a heart attack?? The answer lies in the first stage of arterial sclerosis where the arteries become damaged by blood pressure and blood viscosity stress.? Dr Walach discovered that copper, specifically the enzyme tyrosonase, is vital increasing healthy arterial wall structure.? He was called to a turkey farm where he discovered that many turkeys were dying of heart attack.? After copper supplementation no turkeys the next year died of heart attack.? As it turns out this tyrosinase is integral in the formation of healthy arterial walls.? Without it the artery does not form a strong flexible structure but rather a material that is much like a cheap garbage bag that splits down the side.? Arteries that form with the correct amount of tyrosinase resemble more of a woven trampoline surface, extremely durable and flexible and rarely require repair.? So why the heart attack deaths in the seemingly healthy marathon runners with little plaque in there arteries.? It is likely that those marathon runners who suffer from heart attack are not only vitamin C deficient, but they also ingest proteins like or similar to lysine.? Lysine binds to the lipo a proteins that normally form cholesterol plaques in the arteries, their function being to solidify and protect the damaged area until it can be repaired by a synergy between this collagen and adequate tyrosinase.? Lacking this plague function due to lack of adequate C complex and the cholesterol repair mechanism blocked, the marathoner falls dead with all of us wondering how.

15 Ways Vitamin C benefits you.

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