My Rant, adapted from Dr. Tent

Can I help you?

Yes, I am looking for the guy who decided it would be a good idea to inject our kids with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, made them ADD, ADHD, speech pathology, and now we give them awards if they can stack blocks on top of each other. ?I am also looking for the guy who decided to put fluoride in our municipal water supply. ?Turns out their is not an ounce of it in your body, the FDA considers it a drug, ?its warning labels when in transport classify it as a nuerotoxin, ?its is sourced from an industrial waste product, and Harvard a few years ago came out with a study that it has absolutely tanked our IQ.

Once I locate these guys, I would like to find the guy who ruined my lunch by cooking it in hydrogenated oils and putting Roundup all over my wheat right before they harvested it killing my gut bacteria because the first patent for that chemical was to chelate minerals out of industrial boilers and its most recent patent was for its potent antibiotic effect. ?Switch to corn you say, but they have genetically engineered it to be sprayed with 2-4-D, ?which is a key component of Agent Orange. ?They sprayed that all over a bunch of yellow people four decades ago and that did not turn out so well. ?Yes, I said yellow people because if they were actual human beings I am sure we would have never even considered doing such a thing.

Don’t worry about me and our kids though, we are on the recommended low fat, low cholesterol diet, even though our brain is half fat half cholesterol. By the time I develop ?Alzheimers because all the white matter that insulates my brain that is made completely of cholesterol is gone I wont remember who I am looking for in the first place.

All of this information said far more eloquently by Robyn O’Brien:


Dr. Tent’s original rant is from his GMO food lecture starting at 51 minutes in:


How toxic is the food we eat?

Pesticides ? | ? Herbicides ? | ?Neurotoxins ?| ? MSG ? | ?Artificial Sweeteners ?| ?Bromide ?| ?Foreign Proteins ?| ?Dead Bacteria Endotoxins ? | ? ? GMO ? ?| ? ? ? ? ?High Fructose Corn Syrup |? Dioxins? | Endocrine Disruptors? |? BPA

There is no such thing as cheap food.? The price is paid somewhere.? If it is not paid at the cash register then it is charged to environment, the public purse in the form of subsidies, and to your health.

If the list does above does concern you in the least, we need to make sure we are supporting our detox pathways.? One of the most common signs of toxins you your body is unhealthy skin.? We need to make sure we are constantly cleansing ourselves from this onslaught SEE DETOXIFYING.? Below is a family that tested how many chemicals they had in their bodies before and after eating organic.

Pesticides may not be directly harmful to our cells, however many are potent antibiotics wreaking havoc on our gut bacteria and thus reduce our ability to break down foreign proteins like gluten.? Also herbicides key late minerals, thus reducing the amount of healthy minerals in our food. ?To wash produce before consuming you need an alkaline solution. ?In order to produce one of these cheap and ?safely, I recommend a gallon mixture with 3 tablespoons of borax and a pinch of salt. ?Borax has been proven to be safe at levels higher than baking soda and the salt will help the water be a more effective surfactant.

Glyphosates were invented to chelate (remove) minerals.? This compound was invented to clean industrial pipes and minerals, not to be sprayed on any plants or digested.? If you are eating standard wheat products they are sprayed with roundup glyphosates before they are harvested to increase yield (HERE).? We are all wondering why a vast amount of us can no longer handle gluten, perhaps it is because all of the roundup residue on our wheat products that is damaging our gut bacteria and removing minerals from our body.

Your challenge. ?Find one of the dirty dozen that you consume normally and start to buy it in organic. ?It is not likely you will start “eating clean” everything overnight, but it is important to take steps in the right direction for your health.

Detoxification program by Victor Earl Irons

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