My Rant, adapted from Dr. Tent

Can I help you?

Yes, I am looking for the guy who decided it would be a good idea to inject our kids with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, made them ADD, ADHD, speech pathology, and now we give them awards if they can stack blocks on top of each other. ?I am also looking for the guy who decided to put fluoride in our municipal water supply. ?Turns out their is not an ounce of it in your body, the FDA considers it a drug, ?its warning labels when in transport classify it as a nuerotoxin, ?its is sourced from an industrial waste product, and Harvard a few years ago came out with a study that it has absolutely tanked our IQ.

Once I locate these guys, I would like to find the guy who ruined my lunch by cooking it in hydrogenated oils and putting Roundup all over my wheat right before they harvested it killing my gut bacteria because the first patent for that chemical was to chelate minerals out of industrial boilers and its most recent patent was for its potent antibiotic effect. ?Switch to corn you say, but they have genetically engineered it to be sprayed with 2-4-D, ?which is a key component of Agent Orange. ?They sprayed that all over a bunch of yellow people four decades ago and that did not turn out so well. ?Yes, I said yellow people because if they were actual human beings I am sure we would have never even considered doing such a thing.

Don’t worry about me and our kids though, we are on the recommended low fat, low cholesterol diet, even though our brain is half fat half cholesterol. By the time I develop ?Alzheimers because all the white matter that insulates my brain that is made completely of cholesterol is gone I wont remember who I am looking for in the first place.

All of this information said far more eloquently by Robyn O’Brien:


Dr. Tent’s original rant is from his GMO food lecture starting at 51 minutes in:


Toxins in our water and hydration.

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With regards to the best water to use avoid consuming municipal tap water because it contains chloride, chloramines, fluoride, and recycled medications.? Water in plastic bottles, though convenient can leach chemicals from the plastic into the water giving your body more toxins to expel. If you are drinking water with these types of toxins in it your body is going to stay thirsty in an effort to get you to drink more pure water to flush these toxins out. ? Pure spring water is always the best standard water to drink from containers that are made of high quality plastic that has been protected from the sun or other safe container. ?Typically plastic number 5 and 7 leach the most chemicals into our liquids.

Not all bottled water is the same, most are bad because they use cheap plastic that leaches chemicals and have added fluoride.? If you have to choose one, Evian seems to be the most alkaline and free of toxins. ?On distilled water- If your body cannot pass energy through water your body cannot use it.? Distilled water is a electrically dead water and is actually hungry for minerals and will pull them from your body.? Follow on article HERE.

Hydration is much more than just water.? The structure of the water an the minerals in it may matter more than we think. ?Cells cannot get water through their membrane that is is large clusters as water tends to be. ?Electrolytes and charges developed by the movement of water through rocks and surfaces can break the water into smaller clusters thus making it more readily available to you at the cellular level. ??See this conversation on Bulletproof Radio with Gerald Pollack for more information.

On fluoride, fluoride is not a nutrient according to the FDA!? The FDA views it as a drug! Our water supply is not an appropriate medium to administer a drug. ?Here are fluoride’s warning labels that prove it does not belong in our water or toothpaste.

10 Facts About Fluoride

Fluoride: Poison on Tap Full Documentary

The Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception- Dr. Stanley Monteith

World Experts on Fluoride list diseases caused by fluoridated tap water

How to remove Fluoride from Water- Four Ways.

Detox fluoride with boron using borax

Plastics leech xeno estragens into water. ?In order to dampen the effects of these estragens from you body you need to be eating cruciferous vegetables on a daily basis or take a supplement HERE.

Cruciferous Vegetables – remove xeno estragens leached from plastic and sprayed on our food the easy way, without having to eat pounds of broccoli.

Life Extension Cruciferous Vegetable extract

Water binds in very large groups called polyhedrons.? These groups of molecules are so large that they are too big to move in and out of our cells.? There is a mistaken belief that the more liquids and water you drink the more hydrated your body will become. ? As a result, many waters just pass through us and do not effectively detox our cells but rather just irrigate us.? In order for water to move in an out of cells it must be ionized or charged.? While your body has pathways to achieve this, since most of us are dehydrated most of the time there seems to be an impairment to us actually absorbing water.? Since water is not a popular biological molecule to study and certainly represents little profit potential effective hydration has not been readily studied.