Vitamins and Minerals

Expensive urine may be the cheapest health insurance and the best investment you can make in yourself. ?Invest in yourself instead of the hospitals and chemical pharmaceutical companies. ?Even worse, if you are mineral deficient and then are exposed to a toxic compound, that substance is more likely to be taken in by your body in place of the minerals that should be there. ?Lastly, if you are vitamin or mineral deficient you will always be hungry because your body will request food in the hopes you will eat something that will fulfill that deficiency.

Good vitamins and minerals turn on your good genes and dampen your bad genes.

Plenty of studies have proven that using a multivitamin does not increase your health or lifespan. ?This is because in all these studies they used rock vitamins. You cannot digest rocks or elemental minerals.? In fact doing so may worsen a mineral deficiency as the elemental mineral may require your body?s energy to expel rather than being absorbed.? Each element has hundreds of different isotopes.? For example their is only one isotope that your body can use, all others are waste or poison to your body.? By eating a vitamin or giving your baby formula that contains iron shavings is actually detrimental to iron metabolism in you body because iron shavings are a different isotope that the iron found in green leafy vegetables.? To further illustrate this, many minerals in you body are used entirely their energy.? The body uses the energy of the specific isotope of that element then discards it at waste.? The mineral itself is not needed but rather the energy of that mineral that is used as a catalyst to create compounds your body needs. ?This is obviously not the case with elements that deposit in our body like calcium, iron, or carbon, but material like iodine are just used to activate processes in our thyroid.

We must respect our body and understand it is far more complex than we understand. ?? ?That is why we need complex vitamins and specific isotopes of minerals found in plants not rocks.? To venture into the science of these isotopes see the work of Dan Nelson.? Remember, on the subconscious level your body will be a lot smarter than your conscious level will ever be.

More simplistically, when our body is deficient of minerals it will more readily uptake toxins in their place.

Dr. Meschino- The Essential Role of Vitamins

Iodine, Thyroid support and helps remove chlorine and bromine from the body.

Just a two drops in the morning is all your body needs and will help chelate the bad chlorine and bromine that attaches to you thyroid and cause dysfunction.

Nascent Iodine

Iodine blocks radiation. Currently 1/3 of the world’s ocean has been radiated by the?Fukushima disaster. ?Iodine can block this radiation from doing damage to your body.

Dr. Group on Iodine

Vitamin C

Without vitamin C your body cannot build collagen which is required for all soft tissues.? A vitamin C deficiency may cause acute scurvy which may be one of the modern causes of arterial sclerosis and heart disease. We do not get plaque forming on our arteries until we have un repaired damage and inflammation to them.? Vitamin C is also the body?s primary antioxidant.? Proper vitamin C levels protect us from varicose veins.


Vitamin C acts as our master antioxidant and electron donor and as an antihistamine reducing allergic and allergen reactions.

Cruciferous Vegetable, Removes Zeno Estrogens that make up modern day pesticides and plastics and helps with liver detox.

Healthy Probiotics and Gut Health

The number 1 supplement for maintaining a healthy gut is Restore.?? Restore contains a unique molecule that allows for intracellular communication between the cells in your gut as well as the bacteria providing them with the tools to function and flourish correctly.? Most of all Restore has been found to get the tight junctions between you cells to function correctly eliminating leaky gut and the subsequent fatigue that I experienced for years after eating. Restore can be found (here).

Taking care of our second brain that is made up of our 1 trillion bacterial friends.

See all 11 videos from on fiber here.

Dr. Meschino on Intestinal Health

Dr. Bergman on Gut Health

There are more bacteria in your body than there are cells in your body, many which create nutrients for you and allow nutrients to be absorbed.? It is believed that gut bacteria itself is able to signal you nerves and create food cravings.? Bad bacteria will create cravings for sugar or fats.? Good bacteria will create cravings for healthier foods.? Without the proper bacteria and enzymes your body will not be able to disassemble proteins like gluten which will then degrade your ability to absorb nutrients and maintain healthy digestion.

Our gut bacteria is constantly being assaulted by our modern environment.? The fluoride and chlorine in our water damage our gut bacteria, bromine in our bread kills our gut bacteria, and the antibiotics prescribed frequently by the medical community all contribute to gut bacterial dysfunction.? If this was not enough, the FDA/USDA refuse to study the mineral chelator glyphosate (roundup) which also is patented as a antibiotic.??? That’s right,? all these round up ready crops, wheat and sugar sprayed with glyphosate right before harvest leave the chemical lingering in the food and when you ingest it kills your gut bacteria.? The worry gets even worse as the EPA recently raised the amount of glyphosate residue allowable in our food supply.

Our gut bacteria performs the vital function of helping create compounds like serotonin(our happy hormone).? I am aware that most people with autism also have digestion dysfunction.? Since serotonin, our happy hormone is completely created by our gut an it is bacteria, I have not yet observed an outwardly happy person who has autism.? More on this from the Autism Research institute.

Gut bacteria and mind control: to fix your brain, fix your gut!

“Digestive Wellness: The Brain-Gut Connection” with Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN


Wide Spectrum Probiotic

All cooked/pasteurized food is devoid of most enzymes needed to break down food and absorb minerals, support your pancreas.

Nieperzyme Enzymes

Restore for Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut and Candida.? If you eat or have ate in the past large amounts of refined sugars, refined carbohydrates, or consume alcohol you likely have some candida overgrowth and leaky gut.? These symptoms and look and feel a lot like chronic fatigue.

Candida and Leaky Gut with Christa Orecchio

Candida Test- Make sure you do not eat dairy the day before.

Control your Candida with Nutribiotic Defense

Grow and keep your gut bacteria healthy with plant based fibers.? If you are not getting enough fiber in you diet consider supplementing.? Yes that is paying to poop.

Triple Fiber


Maintaining Healthy Weight

We need to change the way we think about food. ?Some foods tell our body to burn fat, others tell our body to store fat. ?Toxins and proteins foreign to our body are treated as poisons and cause us to to become inflamed. ?The food you eat turns your good genes and hormones on or off. ?Your genetics may load the gun but your epigenetics (your environment and what you eat) pulls the trigger. ?What you eat is so important that what your grandparents ate affect you today.?

We do not get fat because we are lazy. ?We do not get fat because we lack the willpower to not over eat. ?We get fat because the foods readily available to us to today tell our body to store fat by up-regulating our fat storing hormones and shutting of our fat burning hormones. ?The?processed foods we currently eat also fail to do is tell us we are full. ?This is because it is lacking the vitamins, many taken out by glyphosate which is a mineral remover, and lacking the good fats our body needs. ?As a result we spend most of our lives walking around fat and hungry, lacking the energy and motivation to do something about it.

Our Allies in Burning Fat

  1. ?Our hormones, especially leptin.
  2. ?Our brown fat.? ? Boosting brown fat through food we eat.
  3. ?Our sleep, especially through intermittent fasting.
  4. ?Our gut bacteria. Encourage your gut bacteria burn your calories!
  5. ?Foods that make you feel full.
  6. Know your body type make specific adjustments treat it.

Our enemies that make us store fat.

  1. ?Hydrogenated Oils that cause metabolic dysfunction at the cellular level.
  2. ?Sugars and refined carbohydrates.
  3. ?Stress and lack of good sleep that interferes with our fat burning hormones.
  4. ?Milk may be your enemy in weight loss. ?IGF1, toxins, ?and Estrogen.
  5. ?Herxheimer reactions?as you loose weight.

The number one way to combat unhealthy weight is to develop positive diet habits.?With regards to diet, do not make the perfect the enemy of the good. ?Some of the most beneficial and effective of these are:

  1. ? Removing sugars and junk foods(especially hydrogenated oils) from your home.
  2. ? Removing all sugar containing beverages including juices from your home.
  3. ? Not eating after dinner and making dinner as early as possible, as a result you will be burning fat when you wake up and will get better rest.
  4. ? Eat slowly and chew more allowing your body to send a satiation signal sooner.? Get in the habit of leaving food on your plate every meal.? Yes this is wasteful at first, but as you build discipline you can curb this practice.? Alternatively you can use smaller plates to help control portion sizes.
  5. ? Control portion size, using a fiber like glucomannan pre-meal if necessary.
  6. ? Keep healthy snacks readily available.? These include nuts, fruit, dried berries, and pure fruit bars for between meal cravings.
  7. ? Move after a meal whenever possible reducing blood sugar spikes.? An after dinner walk can be fantastic for your health and weight.
  8. ?Intermittent Fasting and Exercise on Dr. Mercola
  9. Kill the Cravings – Dr. Senechal
  10. Limit exposure to blue light after the sun goes down.

Obesity is a disease of deficiency not a disease of excess.? You will always be hungry and over eat if you are not getting the appropriate vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids. ?Dr. Glidden explaining this theory here.

How bad Science and big business created the obesity epidemic

How do you fatten cattle?? Whole grains and corn feed.

Sugar, The Bitter Truth

Low fat processed food tasted terrible so companies added salt, neurotoxins and ample amounts of sugar to make it palatable.

Studies have shown that people who drink diet soda loose less weight than people who drink the same amount of regular soda.? Why on earth would you drink diet soda? Why diet drinks and artificial sweeteners are not the answer. HERE

12 Harmful foods by Dr. Glidden

Dr Glidden’s position is a bit extreme but we should at least limit these harmful foods in our diet and search for organic and healthy alternatives when available.? One example of this would be using coconut flour instead of standard bleached flour to create baked goods.

Diet and Fitness Tips – Dr. Senechal

Dr. Meschino’s Clinical Weight Loss Program

Dr. Barry Sears Zone Diet- Balancing hormones is the key to controlling weight

Carb/Keto Cycling with Dr. Axe

Supplements Helpful In Controlling Weight

Who has the self control to stop eating when there is something delicious on your plate?? If you find yourself overeating you can try to battle yourself with delicious food in front of you or, make it a habit before a delicious meal to take two to four capsules of glucomannan fiber before meals thus limiting you physical ability and desire to overeat.? It is much easier to combat overeating initially through fiber intake before eating a meal than to try to use self control with temptation right in front of you.? I have found that using this method my ability to eat insanely large portions has diminished, it is almost as if my stomach became smaller. Dr. Mark Hyman on Glucomannan

Oil Absorbing Glucomannan Luralean

Apple Cider Vinegar

Nutrition on Apple Cider Vinegar

How apple cider vinegar helps us loose weight.


Green Tea Extract on effects of Green Tea


Reduce sugar cravings and help control blood sugar.

Garcina Cambogia

Dr. Oz on Garcina Cambogia

Healthy Eating Habits

Getting nutrition advice from?the medical community?is like listening to a dozen blind men trying to describe and elephant.

Please ask yourself which is more patriotic?

Declaring your “freedom” (the second amendment is the only right in this country left partially intact) by strutting around in camouflage made in the Philippians while drinking some high fructose corn syrup Poweraide all while firing lead bullets made in China (yes we no longer make any lead in this country).?????????????????????????? -or-

Buying you food from a local farmer who is a good steward of their land, who will be putting a majority of that money into supporting their lifestyle which protects the land they care for and the remaining money will go towards purchasing as many local goods as they can afford thus enriching your local community and our country.

Things that we should eat every day:

A handful of nuts-? Walnuts, pecans, or your favorite fatty nut.? A handful of nuts a day in studies reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack by 50%!? If you prefer not to eat nuts, make sure you supplement with healthy plant based oils instead like HEMP or Udo’s Oil Blend.

Cruciferous Vegetables-? Start with one sprig of broccoli a day if you need to.? Broccoli and its cruciferous vegetable relatives are the master detoxifier of your liver and eliminator of toxins and xenoestrogens we are bombarded with given our modern technological food system.? Can’t stomach the vegetable, supplement HERE.

Turmeric- With no known negative side effects and health benefits of reducing cancer, improving blood sugar metabolism, and?reducing inflammation,?taking turmeric daily is a no brainer.? If pouring curry all over your potatoes does not appeal to you, supplement HERE.

Dr. Greger on What are the healthiest foods.

Benefits of Raw Milk by Dr. Mercola

Only Healthy Cooking oils- Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the oil known for being a healthy saturated fat which is great for brain function, skin, and promoting the feeling of satiation.? It is also great antiviral and anti-fungal which makes it perfect for treating dry skin or applying after a shave.? The oily feeling goes away in minutes as the oil gets absorbed into your skin.

Easy to use or apply liquid coconut oil.? This oil has a higher MCT medium chain triglyceride content making it great for kick starting fat burning ketosis.

Cooking oils- Organic Olive Oil

Why olive oil is only a neutral cooking oil, not healthy or particularly harmful oil from

Healthy Seasonings

Himalayan Salt, Get your 84 minerals and enjoy your salt

Braggs organic seasoning

Braggs liquid aminos

Healthy Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fats

Professor Brian Peskin using the review of known medical literature finds that hydrogenated oils are the leading cause of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes in our modern world.? These Frankenstein oils find a home in the lipid membranes in our cells, encourage cellular energy dysfunction, and stick together in our arteries.? Omega 6 fats are a vital part to every soft tissue in our body, and a hydrogenated omega 6 creates a dead spots on the cells of our skin, colon, lungs and many other tissues prone to developing cancer.? Otto Warburg discovered that cells partially starved from oxygen begin to ferment sugar for energy.? The hallmark of a cancer sell is a sell that runs purely on sugar fermentation and lacks oxygen.? The perfect scenario to create cancer is to have a cell whose lipid membrane is made of these hydrogenated fats which starve our cells of oxygen, causing it to revert using yeast cell like fermentation to survive.? This is probably why re oxygenating the cells using flax seed oil and cottage cheese via the budwig protocol are so effective in reversing cancers.

Reasons why the hydrogenated oil lipid hypothesis as the root cause of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer is likely true:

  1. ?Death from heart disease and cancer before the introduction to hydrogenated was below 5%.? Type II diabetes was virtually?unheard of.
  2. Diabetes Graph
  3. Heart Graph
  4. Cancer Graph
  5. Dr. Budwig has been able to effectively reverse cancer with the treatment that includes a combination of omega 3 flax and omega 6 cottage cheese, displacing the hydrogenated oils that cause a lack of oxygen condition.
  6. Dr. Greger show studies that just eating a handful of walnuts a day (mostly healthy omega 6) reduces risk of heart attack by 50%)
  7. The corollary, those eating the highest amount of hydrogenated fats were found to have a 50% in all cause mortality in studies.
  8. Studies find that those consuming hydrogenated oils have a 40% increase in breast cancer rates.
  9. Dr. Greger sites a study that finds that people on a low carb vegetarian high fat diet actually? a lower incidence of death than those on a regular diet.? These healthy oils may actually increase lifespan and negate the effects of hydrogenated oil intake.

Brian Peskin is the father of the parent essential oil theory and the hypothesis that hydrogenated oils are?the main pathway to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. ?Examples of how the Parent Essential oils make us healthier and live longer are everywhere. ?In order to discover the dysfunction caused by hydrogenated oils, one can look at the increase in cardiovascular disease, diabites, and cancer since their inception. Videos on Parent Essential oils from Professor Brian Peskin? More information. plant based Atkins diet shows us exactly how important the parent essential oils in plant based form can be at actually prolonging our life!

Good Omega 6 Fats, Why does a hand full of nuts every day reduce your risk of sudden heart attack death by at least one third?? Further evidence of plant based parent essential oils found in walnuts which improve arterial function is due to their healthy omega 6 fat content.? Videos from

Walnuts and Artery Function- Walnuts drop cardiac mortality by 50% while having little effect on cholesterol.

Nuts May Prevent Death?and reduce cronic diseases like diabites, heart disease, and cancer. ?These high fat nuts seem to cholaborate Dr. Brian Peskin’s theory.

How nuts prevent sudden cardiac death.

Why not fish oils?

Summary of Fish oil studies by siding against fish oil.

Brian Peskin on why you should not take Fish Oil.


Hemp Seed oil

Hemp seed oil contains the highest concentration of essential fatty acids and the closest ratio needed for skin regeneration.

This oil is the cheapest way to get it and just requires a teaspoon or a squirt in your mouth. Also makes a great oil base for salad dressings and is far healthier than olive oil.

or in easy to take pill form

Udos Oil Blend- An easy way to get a balance of heathy essential oils that is balanced and clinically tested.

Organic Flax Oil

How effective is flax oil and the essential omega 3 fats? Dr. Budwig cured cancer with a mixture of flax seed oil and cottage cheese!? See Budwig Protocol here.

The history of how saturated fat became the enemy.